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Zak Crye - All The Same (E.P.)

(Jamspace Records – 2021)

Zak Crye - All The Same use.jpg

The decision of whether to not to make a solo release sounding almost slap identical to your day band or something different seems beyond difficult to most.


That said, Zak Crye, Guitarist/Frontman for Phoenix stoner combo, Hudu Akil has found time to step out on his own for a bit into the chasm seperating the two. This five tracker finds him using the formula with a more ear friendly alternative rock approach added in.


A pleasing mega-ounce of his Monster Magnet flavoured angst sits around, especially the ironically titled 'All The Same' with its swingy guitar riff and the psychedelic approach of 'Roach Weeds' while there is an overall slide to a smoother poppier take.


The blues drive of 'Fire Water' with its jumpy bass-intro leads into an angry groove that echoes slightly of established Seattle machines from the past. 'The Road' is a slow semi-instrumental dirge with some English-voiced hypnotist's instruction along the top, (sounding uncannily like Peter Cushing) and despite the interesting concept is the only number of the five that fails to turn me on.


A nice taste of what you can try when stuck on your todd (not all bad, this lockdown business is it), Zak's first product is respectably crafted and motivated with much to please expectations from both sides.


Worth trying.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Soundgarden, Kyuss & Pearl Jam.

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