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Metalite - A Virtual World

(AFM Records - 2021)

Metalite - A Virtual World use.jpg

Sweden, Europe's capital of all things speedy and melodic gift us another mighty gem, from Sweden's own capital itself.


Building on the success of their debut 'Biomechanicals', Stockholm 5-piece continue their ethereal, sci-fi angled concept forward into the next chapter. Singer, Erica Ohlsson has a set of pipes more likely to win favour from fans of Heart or Starship than most of their scene's mighty counterparts but her silky sustains fit as tightly around these structures as the best of them.


Boisterous twin guitar pace from Edwin and Robert, added with some accomplished keyboarding equip such endlessly playable tracks as 'A Virtual World,' Talisman', 'Beyond The Horizon', 'Peacekeepers' and 'Artificial Intelligence' with the machinery to make them soar sonorously through the heavens.


'The Vampire Song' slows things down a pace with a theatrical chorus delivery while 'We' re Like The Fire houses a chorus that is huge in both meanings of the term, even if the suyth parts border slightly on grating. Sweet and fast and while scarcely unfamiliar, Metalite vend in substance right across the span of the album.


Live music might not be a realistic possibility for most around the globe, let alone the continent for a further while to come but once there's a flash of the green light, these guys shall doubtlessly acceaccelerate to floors and festivals far and wide.





By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nightwish, Kamelot, Doro & Vixen.

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