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Jim Crean – Gotcha Covered

(Visionary Noise Records – 2019)


Jim here brings us a large dosage of songs that here cannot take credit for penning himself although he no doubt wished he had, judging by the songs on offer here – 16 in all as well.


What makes it more interesting is the fact that they aren't obvious rock by numbers either, therefore they are totally and utterly his own choices with no record company telling him you have to do this song, that song or other like in the awful commercial world. Even I only personally recognise three of the tracks on here without looking into the writing credits to see if I know the band at most.


The line-up of artists on the album comprises of Jim Crean (Vocals/Guitar); Steph Honde (Guitar/Bass); Art Caravello (Guitar/Bass); Eric Lebailly (Drums); Dave Pontrello (Drums) and Ronnie Robson (Bass) who place their hooks and rightful sounds where they see fit on the duration of the record.


Highlights include White Lion's lesser heard 'Hungry'; the stomping 'Outlaw' (from The Scream); The Cars 'Bye Bye Love'; the hot of the tracks Dokken ditty 'When Heaven Come's Down' with my 2 faves closing the album which are The Sweet's, 'Love Is Like Oxygen' and a mindblowing take of '25 or 6 to 4' – one of Chicago's best ever songs in my opinion.


Some interesting stuff found within of cuts you may or may not have heard by the original artists, first time around.



By Glenn Milligan

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