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Katana Bloom – Football Won’t Save Your Children From Drugs

(S/R -  2016)


Hard Rockers from Venezia, Venice, Italy who comprise of Thomas (Guitars), Nick (Drums and backing vocals), Roberto (Bass) and Mylo (Lead Vocals).


Stand-out numbers include opener ‘The Best Way’; ‘How We’re Gonna Get This Guy Out?’  with a messy on purpose guitar solo in and ‘Anger Management’ about wanting to break someone down – nice bit of bass work here I may add too!


Then there’s the slamming at ya ‘Myself The Enemy’ or the closing ‘Please The Jeezus’ that steals some Led Zep lyrics.


Good band.




By Glenn Milligan

Katana Bloom, Football won’t save your children from drugs, Venezia, Venice, Italy, Thomas, Nick, Roberto, Mylo, Self released
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