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ZZ Top @

The Venetian Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Wednesday 30th January 2019

Well when you hit 'Vegas it would be rude not to attend a show at The Venetian when the 'Top are in town as part of a residency on the largest casino resort on the 'Strip. I therefore couldn't resist getting some terrific pix of the legendary Texan Trio who performed a selection of classic hits spanning many decades, a few notable album tracks and the odd cover before our very eyes! 

ZZ Top 25.jpg
ZZ Top 1.jpg
ZZ Top 2.jpg
ZZ Top 4.jpg
ZZ Top 5.jpg
ZZ Top 9.jpg
ZZ Top 7.jpg
ZZ Top 3.jpg
ZZ Top 21.jpg
Stage Start.jpg
ZZ Top 19.jpg
ZZ Top 12.jpg
ZZ Top 11.jpg
ZZ Top 22.jpg
ZZ Top 6.jpg
ZZ Top 10.jpg
ZZ Top 15.jpg
ZZ Top 18.jpg
ZZ Top 20.jpg
ZZ Top 14.jpg
ZZ Top 8.jpg
ZZ Top 26.jpg
Stage b4 encore.jpg
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