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Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock – The Hollow Lands

(Purple Pyramid Records / Cleopatra Records – 2020)

Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock - The

A conceptual album based on a Michael Moorcock book called 'The Hollow Lands' from a trilogy known as 'The Dancers At The Ends Of Time' Series and of course features the man himself taking care of vocals on 16 out of the 18 songs on the album too.


Other notable folk you may recognise including members of Blue Oyster Cult such as Eric Bloom, Buck Dharma, Albert & Joe Bouchard plus former Hawkwind members like Harvey Bainbridge, Bridget Wishart & Dead Fred (Fred Reeves), Chas Cronk of The Strawbs plus Ron Howden of Nektar who along with flight controller, Don Marino Falcone and many others take us on a voyage in search of a time machine.


It begins with the rocking and folky title track and then straight into 'Isn't It Delicious' with lead vocals by Dana McCoy that's kinda out there – well much of it is to be honest as you'll find out. Love the track 'Robot Nurse & The Children Of The Pit' where a guy is referred to as Jerry or 'A Conversation With H. G. Wells' with is humourous quirky and rather brilliant.


Then there's the late 60's sounding 'Time Machine Cabriolet' where they think they have found a time machine but Emelia says it's just a sewage plant – classic! Or what about 'To The Time Machine, At Last' which is vocally and musically like a mid-80's Peter Gabriel kind of style.


Worth persuing... as is a Time Machine...



By Glenn Milligan

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