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Lake Of Tears – Ominous

(AFM Records – 2021)

Lake Of Tears - Ominous use.jpg

Swedish doom metallers Lake of Tears return with their first release in some time. Being a band that are new to me here on entry, I had a listen to the preceding catalogue.


While like this latest disc it took its time to gel, the musical approach is still undeniably well thought out and meaningful. Lengthy, mostly slow-paced progressive-cut tracks with texture and emotion that while not instant with hooks, still serve up the diversity with tunes such as 'In Wait and Worries' and 'Cosmic Sailor' cutting a wistful seventies shape.


Most notable jump is 'Lost in a Moment', a galloping triple-step rocker in the trad metal vein, with a seething psychedelic chorus line while 'One Without Dreams' is a dynamic, symphonic-laced grinder of a number. Band leader, Daniel Brennare breathes his anger into ever syllable even if during to the mix in places, it is a mite less than audible.


Listening for those afternoons with little else on to fit around, Lake of Tears sound needs a little patience if you're not long accustomed, but it is above worthwhile if you can afford the time.





By Dave Attrill

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