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Sickwalt – Shove 'N' Love

(X-Ray Records / Golden Robot Records – 2021)

SickWalt - Shove N Love use.jpg

Walt ‘Sick Walt’ Nova is his name who fronts this brilliant energetic band from Queens, New York City, USA that deliver an array of great Rock 'N' Roll and Country Rock related goods.


As stated on the website, he is joined by NYHC drummer Eric Arce (The Misfits, Murphy’s Law, Skarhead & Maximum Penalty), Guitarist, Rob Buckley (Cro-Mags, Urban Sun & M-16) and band co-founder, Drummer, Max Capshaw (of Sick of it All, Murphy’s Law & H2O).


Highlights include 'Die like Belushi' with it's 12-bar with great blues; the fast guts of 'Everybody's Lucifer'; the Quo like 'Million Dollar Man'; the marching chant cut that is '7 Of Them' that even heads into Southern Rock territory too at some points as does the closing 'Love Alignment'. It's well worth playing again and again and will definitely get you going in the morning – it did me!


Highly enjoyable.



By Glenn Milligan

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