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Feskarn - Raven's Way

(Vegvisir Distribution -2021)

Feskarn - Ravens Way use.jpg

Swedish one-man machine, Feskarn have/has been at it since 2010 and from this first taste he looks to establish his fan base.


The Upsala multi-instrumentalist makes great work of guitar and keyboard talent in particular. Apparently well schooled in symphonic influences, the output feels a bit ruined by just applying roaring extreme metal elements on top. His is ability to pump out a prime-time speed metal rhythm along with his sailing solos on tracks such as 'Broken World' makes this record the greater for its overall accessibility, along with the Viking chants intro of scattered across the album and prominent at the beginning of 'Sigur'.


Thrash influences also exhibit, the pretty generously, especially with the pounding stomp in the centre of 'War' which echoes of early days Sepultura. While black metal is not my biggest scene in the spectrum, some bands certainly get my ears aloof, Feskarn transcending to be one.


An act that are quite possibly worth Raven about if you haven't already.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Emperor, Bathory, Morbid Angel & Sonata Artica.

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