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Electric Mary – Mother

(Listenable Records – 2019)


A great 5-piece band who hail from Melbourne, Australia and have been together for 11 years now whose music has rock elements of the 70's, 80's and 90's all in one foul swoop


Imagine elements The Backyard Babies meets LA Guns and Buckcherry with a bit of Bad Company/Free and Led Zeppelin plus then add in their own twist on rock and roll and you'll come somewhere close to their sound. So many cool cuts on this 34 minute 8 track like the ballsy opener 'Gimme Love'; the slower 'n' bluesy 'How Do You Do It' & the Paul Rodgers & late Beatle like epic 'Sorry Baby'.


Then there's 'It's Alright' with the memorable chorus and more plus closer 'Woman' that also was a single too! Little wonder that these guys have been taken on tour by Whitesnake, Judas Priest and Deep Purple in their existence so far.


A very much needed album in your collection!



By Glenn Milligan

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