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(S/R - 2016)


As in where it lands in their release history, and nothing to do with the playing length, this new album by Brazilian melodic metal starlets Terra Prima touches on a lot of the aspects of their first album which I had a good blast of before outing pen to paper here.


Everything you want from a traditional metal store, and a little bit more is available for your trolley here. Riffy blues-edged opener 'Once Upon A Time', 'Wheels Of Time' and 'Fever' are only a tiny pinch of what these Sao Paulo lads have sitting in the pot. Twin guitars shred, grind and grunge their way along the eleven tracks as singer Daniel Pinho's gutsy pipes hold precident over the top and act as the bracket over a multi-influential brace of styles and feel.


Largely rooted in the eighties, with an audible contemporary tilt, Terra Prima can twist between an angsty and ambient take and not offend either party and the soloing style seems to be the welcome thread for old school headbangers. Add some princely spoonfuls of their native rhythms to select numbers and a couple of choice ballads, notably 'A Stranger In Town' and you have an album very likely to appeal to both fans old and new.


I can only say, miss this one and you could be making a Terra-ble mistake.




By Dave Attrill

Terra Prima - Second
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