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Hot Breath – Rubbery Lips

(The Sign Records / Plastic Head Distribution – 2021)

Hot Breath - Rubbery Lips use.jpg

Female fronted Rockers from Gothenburg, Sweden who have a real strong Lemmy-like vibe to them in the strong, throbbing riff department and go under the moniker of Garage Rock according to their attached biography.


These noiseters are made up of Jennifer Israelsson (Vocals/Guitar); Anton Frick Kallmin (Bass), Jimmy Karlsson (Drums) & Karl Edfeldt (Guitar). Standouts include the opener that is 'Right Time' and reminds me very much of Motorhead's 'Killed By Death' with a Girlschool kick to it; the Blondie meets Billy Idol like 'Who's The One' & the gutsy punk meets late 60's 'Adjusted Mind'.


What I thought was going to be a cover of Stone's number called 'One Hit (To The Body) has more to do with Neil Young as there's a riff in there like a very famous song of his to say the least – you'll have to play it to find out which one I am referring to though! Love the building Oi Oi Ramones meetes Datsuns & Jet styled 'Bad Feeling' that closes the album as well.


A hard album not to like which was recorded and mixed by Mattius Lyberg with a solid raw rock 'n' roll edge coming through on every track.



By Glenn Milligan

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