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Laci Violett – S/T

(S/R – 2020)

Laci Violett - Self Titled Album.jpg

A young San Francisco Bay Area based 80's Glam band who crank out those Sunset Strip like tunes just the way we like 'em – squawky, venomous and loud!


The gang are made up of Eddie Bane (Guitar), Lizzy Lace (Bass/Vocals) &Yes Devil's Eyan Stran (Drums). Ten tracks in just over 24 mins – yes you read that right! But what a selection regardless of the short duration.


With their 'Hairspray Running Low' what are they to do as it my affect their 'S.E.X, Life'? No worries as they've got the 'Snakebite' in ample amounts, so 'Ring The Bell' when the times comes or you'll be 'Left For Dead' – top tracks and I couldn't resist having some fun with them!


If you love the sounds of Wrathchild UK, early Tigertailz, Kill City Dragons and other wild bands, you will dig these guyss too! These guys have brought it back – keep it glitzy boyz!



By Glenn Milligan

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