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Atomic Love Reactor – The Arrival

(Tall Whites Records – 2016)


A talented set of Swedes is what we have right here who delight us with some outstanding hard rock in this 13 track album.


Vocalist, Fredrik Eriksson reminds me of Jeff Scott Soto with those screaming pipes of his being back by a band who are like Rainbow meets Deep Purple.Highlights include the opening racing ‘Kiss Of Life’; the name of the band in the form of the funky ‘Atomic Love Reactor’ or the sinister Rhodes filled ‘Mr. Hyde’.


Then there’s the fast truckin’ ‘Connection Failed’ with its moderate tempo chorus; the epic proggy number called ‘The Piper’ and the blues of ‘Gone At Last’ with its very singalong chorus – not to mention tasty organ work. Love the closing blues of ‘Tall Whites’ that has an almost Texan tinge at times.


The song number definitely ain’t unlucky for these guys!




By Glenn Milligan

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