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Pymlico – Meeting Point

(Apollon Records Prog – 2016)

Pymlico - Meeting PointUSE.jpg

Instrumental music of the Rock-Jazzish fusion variety that's rather likeable – rather like Soft Machine meets Genenis and Brand X all in one.It took 15 months to write.


It's catchy, soothing, uptempo and so well structured together with phenomenal arrangements throughout this entire album from these Norwegians who reside in Oslo and led by a composer/drummer called Arild Broter. From 'Crab Key' right through to 'Erised' it is one hell of nice pleasure to the ears that you can relax to with cuts like 'Broken Glass' or 'First Light' to be found as you immerse you.


Utter Prog Brilliance.



By Glenn Milligan

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