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Ferrett – In Through The Out Door

(S/R – 2017)

CD, Album Review, Album, Review, Ferrett, In Through The Out Door, New York,  Sleaze, Steel Panther, Rock, USA

Pure and simply the New York equivalent of a bad Steel Panther who have plenty of cliches thrown in there to be notably extreme.


They don't take themselves serious and have a wail of a time with numerous sleazey rock songs like the fast as hell opener 'Year Of The Ferret' humorously explicit 'Thirsty' which ain't about needing a drink of water or 'Orangutan Gigantus' with it's opening scream. Then what you think is a closing ballad that turns into a killer metal assault that is the title track 'In Through The Out Door' that finishes of with some delectable piano


Okay, so not the best vocalist in the world to say the least as he sounds not unlike a strained McKaw but the band are fun,fun, fun all the way regardless.




By Glenn Milligan

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