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Ice Fire – The Nature Of Evil

(Pharoah Records – 2015)


A female fronted quartet from the West Midlands of the UK who formed late 2014 and fire out a hoard of old school 80's like Metal putting me in mind of bands like Evyltyde.


They comprise of Deborah Woodward (Vocals); Dave Parrish (Lead Guitar); Bill Fitzsimmons of Nightblade on Bass and Ex-Scarab Drummer, Steve Riley. Highlights include the opening 'Witches'; 'Gypsy's Song' with its full-sounding multiple tracked backing vocals on the chorus where the gypsy queen will have you under her control.


Some of it is rather depressing at times such as 'Free Me' whereas 'Drink Me In' (about Lucy in 'Dracula) has a Dio feel to it and there's the ballsy 'Dept Collector' with it's crashing drums and crunchy guitar riff!


Love the closing piano/violin version of 'Drink Me In' that comes as a bonus track that's easily the best thing on there. A promising band. I wonder if they are still going?



By Glenn Milligan

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