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Cats In Space/Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts -

Cambridge Junction, Cambridge, Friday, 14th October, 2022

Set List: Razor Tongue/Home/Kings & Queens/Mission/Unavailable/Just Like I Knew/Where In The World/ Don’t You Think It's Time/Wave Goodbye/Black Diamonds.

Matt Mitchell & the Coldhearts did their best to illicit a response from the sparse but devoted partisan crowd at the Cambridge Junction. They did a great job as Matt and his band played their 45-minute set.

I can’t say they were the greatest support I have ever witnessed, but their brand of rock warmed us up nicely.

They started with ‘Razor Tongue' and ended with ‘Black Diamonds’, whilst in-between the ‘Mission’ and ‘Where In The World provided plenty of light and shade as the show developed, with Matt utilizing his experience in his previous bands, Furyon, Colour Of Noise & Pride.

It is a diverse set, with blues, ballads and ballsy rock. With two albums to choose from Mitchell and his men were on a ‘Mission’ to impress and they did. ‘Black Diamonds’ was my personal standout song.

They are a group I shall be investigating further.

Set List: Intro: Kickstart/King Of Stars/Too Many Gods/Poke The Witch/Teenage Millionaires/Kickstart The Sun/Mr Heartache/Charlies Ego/Listen To The Radio/Hero/Timebomb/1000000 Miles/ Marionettes/Atlantis/ Thunder Of The Night/Mad Hatters Tea Party/I Fell Out Of Love With Rock ‘N’ Roll/The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Cats In Space are a wonderful throwback to 70’s rock. They are all consummate musicians who use their collective experience to deliver a quality of songs and live performance that few can equal. Their sound is sprinkled with a dash of AOR, with brilliant harmonies: think Styx.

To say they are professional would be an understatement. This transfers to the Cambridge Junction stage, as they create a kind of musical euphoria that is lapped up by the audience. The music makes you smile as it weaves and wanes, each player adding something extra and individual. You really should treat yourself to an album or better go to a live show, where you will become immersed in their mastery.

I first witnessed these Cats when they supported Deep Purple in Birmingham. At this concert they were openers and simply blew special guests Europe away, making them sound almost pedestrian. Since that show there have been some changes, but judging by tonight’s performance that has simply improved their overall sound. Vocalist, Damien Edwards is awesome! In saying that the highlight of tonight’s show was a song off their debut album, the breath-taking ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’.

At the Junction I was both reviewer and photographer, alongside Paul Hampson. After 3 songs my camera was disposed of and I just watched awestruck as the show unfolded. Afterwards I spoke to each and every member. There appeared no egos, just a confidence in their ability to entertain: great guys, great band.

At the beginning of the review, I mentioned the collective experience of the band, this comes in the shape of working with the likes of; Asia, Robin Trower, 10CC, T. Pau, Bad Company and Ian Gillan. 

All the members deserve more than just a mention, as their collective talents make them unique. Made up of Damien Edwards (Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals), Greg Hart (Guitars/Backing Vocals), Steevi Bacon (Drums/Percussion), Jeff Brown (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals), Andy Stewart (Piano/Keyboards/Synth) & Dean Howard (Guitars), who I spent quite a while chatting to about Toolbox and Repo Depo!

Forget about the Dogs B*ll*cks, These are the Cats Whiskers! These are pure purrfection! Once they get their claws into you there is no pawsing for breath!

By Paul 'Rhino' Mace

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