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Suzen’s Garden – Stronger!

(Sonic Revolution)



Female fronted band from Wolfburg who have a rock and pop appeal with a deep orchestral base to their songs at times who consist of Suzen Berlin (Vocals), Peter Maria Schmidt (Guitar/Keyboards), Hannes Miller (Drums) and Michael Krizek (Bass/Keyboards).


Highlights on here include the opening title track the brilliantly multitrack harmonised ‘Stronger’, the ballad that is ‘Change Of Times’; the spacey ‘Never Leave Your Home’ with voices in the background and swooping keyboard sounds – very Hawkwind and Pink Floyd! Now what about the epic 7.15 mins ballad ‘One More F*ck*ng Time’ – some title right there!


A decent change in styles.




By Glenn Milligan

Suzens Garden, Stronger
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