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Madstone – Heavy Thunder

(S/R – 2017)

Madstone - Heavy Thunder Use.jpg

A Californian and Texan built band who mix in hard rock with southern sounds to create a style of their own and kept going as a original band as tribute to their late member Steve Burnside who they in a band with called Hester Pryne.


It was recorded at 20 West Studios by Tyler Tedeschi in California with the band consisting of James Stone (Guitar/Vocals); Mark Doolin (Lead Guitar); Tommy Souza (Drums) and Al Young. Clocking in at just over 32 mins long, you are hit immediately with the gutsy title track 'Heavy Thunder ' while 'She Said No' grabs you as well with it's cowbell and cool riff.


Later there's the rather good 'Drink My Wine' as well to get excited about that has an Elvis kinda feel to it in the vocals. This is solid likeable stuff that's well worth a spin or two.


Check it out.



By Glenn Milligan

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