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Soul Secret – Blue Light Cage

(Layered Reality Productions – 2020)

Soul Secret - Blue Light Cage USE.jpg

Interesting Progressive Metal from Napoli, Italy that is both powerful and light all in the same album which conjures up a lot of unpredictability and keeps you on your toes with unnervingly, chugging guitars and all over the place majestic whirly keyboard work. It's topped off with mid-high resonant vocals too which go almost interstellar at various moments on here.


The quintet is made up of Claudio Casaburi (Bass), Francesco Cavezza (Acoustic & Electric Guitars), Luca Di Gennaro (Keyboards & Programming), Lini Di Pietrantonio (Lead & Backing Vocals) and Antonio Mocerino (Drums & Percussions).


Highlights on here include the opening and truly amazing instrumental that is simply called 'Opening Sequence' and the musically varied cut entitled 'A President's Speech' that features an old school Jazz section.


Then there's the fantastically arranged title track 'Blue Light Cage' that has one hell of an illuminating guitar solo, not to mention the beautifully played piano underlay or the wacky full-on epic that is 'Jump Right In'.


A cracking listen indeed!



By Glenn Milligan

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