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Dyed In Blue – Moment Of Leaving

(S/R - 2017)



This entire album comes from the brain of Patrick Grehan of Toronto, Canada who is a recording engineer in his day job.. Oh hang on, the drums come courtesy of Creighton Done – best not forget that right?


Highlights include the bright and exuberant 'Place Like Home'; the pacey 'Plaid Accident; rockingly awesome 'Orange Pillows'; the acoustic and autobiographical like 'Missing 66'; the rather clever 'Strange Way or the quirk of 'Dot P' with the extra spice and sauce added in.


Overall, it's a brilliantly mastered album, courtesy of Harry Hess (Frontman of Harem Scarem). I must say that Patrick will either love me or hate me for this but he kinda reminds me of mix of Mike Tramp and Kip Winger in solo mode. I'll take the hit or credit for my remark there.


A well put together album.



By Glenn Milligan

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