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One Bloody Reason – Cheater

(S/R – 2017)

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No Frills Outlaw Rock 'N' Roll from Redmond, Virginia on this 34 minute CD spread onto 10 tracks in all.


Full-on take no prisoners stuff that has healthy helpings of rock, punk and country and pychobillyness at various points. Ear-catchers include the opening 'One More Time'; the ballad that is 'Top Of The World' or the humour of 'Wedding Dress'.


Then there's the punk rock of the title track 'Cheater' that's easily the best number to be found on here – a live anthem no doubt! Love the closer 'Shipreck' where they are gonna need another boat.


Imagine Social Distortion meets The Wildhearts and you are somewhere there on their kinda style.




By Glenn Milligan

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