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Armored Theory - The Fact Remains

(S/R – 2018)

Armored Theory - The Fact Remains

New York newcomers, Armored Theory take the sounds of a small handful of established thrash names I need not mention but make a melodic twist with their own hands.


Shooting through this debut 9-tracker in not much more than half an hour, the hardcore thrash is shapen creatively at the corners by some crunchy triple beat rhythm work, on way more than one occasion, and most credibly a catchy take on early Iron Maiden with fourth track 'Kintsukuroi'. Using lead solo space very sufficiently without stretching, the central pairing of Jonny 5 Roorda (guitar) and Billy Elymonster (vocals) set this together using a well tested musical glue. Weight-bringing metal such as progressive cruncher 'Wendigo', my personal best of the selection is what draws one in towards albums like this to this day as has been done since the dawn of the 90s.


'Mindless' is quite what the title states, skull-flattening thrash with a solo break that will scare most from getting too close to this bunch without clearance, whereas 'Rain' strikes with it's entertaining yet sinister sestina-like lyrical structure. Originality might lack in most parts to put it leniently, yet Armored Theory stir it in using a fresh set of utensils.


A scary live act almost guaranteed, this debut is nonetheless still a valuable manual on how to armour yourselves for such onslaught.



By Dave Attrill

COMPULSORY IF YOU LIKE: Pantera, Machine Head, Biohazard & Slayer.

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