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Conundrum In Deed – Travelling House

(S/R – 2018)

Conundrum in Deed - Travelleing House us

This band mixes in Prog Rock, Fusion and Reggae and a lot of quirk with cool lyrics and wild topics with an avant-guarde Canterbury feel to it that are a collaboration between songwriter, Greg Shields (Vocals/Guitar), big prog fan/pianist, Michael Sadler alongside John Davidson (Bass) Tom Silby (Drums).


An amazing instrumental starts it off going by the name of 'The Astronomer Of Moszkva Ter' whoever that is which is followed up by the quirky 'Black Weeds' with the the brilliant line 'No matter how bright we are, we can't shine on ourselves' that's kinda genius but true. 'Inertia' put;s me in mind of Soft Machine meets Gong with the sax work at times where they drink down their coffees.


There's the cool reggae of 'Leaving Fingerprings'; the zany 'Ginsberg' which involves coming face to face with Alan's ghost; the Jazzy meets Morrisey strange of 'Wunderkind' and the closing 'The Grass Is Always Greener' with short killer harp solo with some Jamaican sounds in there too.


Very likeable musically and extremely English with well-spoken singing throughout.



By Glenn Milligan

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