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Aren Drift - Beneath the Surface (E.P.)

(S/R – 2019)

Aren Drift - Beneath the Surface use.jpg

UK metal newcomers, Aren Drift are a name I've heard come about quite a number of times in the recent months so it is a treat to finally receive something on CD, and also likely transpires to have been worth the wait.


Taking name from the stage moniker of frontwoman, Radka Nemcova, the Brighton quartet....erm, drift...between a few distinctive influences on this debut four track EP. A short but telling instrumental opens before 'Snow Queen' strikes a with a thunderous sensation as both Radka's smooth, regal range and the rhythm guitar beat shakes the floor.


Equal segments doom, alternative and progressive and peppered with pleasant metal soloing seem the way to work as we also enjoy the more streamlined 'Light Hole'. 'Sun Goes Down sports a slightly latterday Paradise Lost meets Ozzy Osbourne waviness with an eighties guitar chug, closing this first sample by another super-promising home-grown outfit.


I just hope they are promising a full size album at some stage soon, as this first try already ignites a nice little flame in my eardrum.



By Dave Attrill

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