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Skold – Dies Irae

(Cleopatra Records – 2021)

Skold - Dies Irae USE.jpg

A many of many talents is Tim (Thim) Skold – a Swedish Vocalist, Guitarist and Producer who has worked as a band member or alongside acts including Marilyn Manson, KMDFM, MFDMK, Motionless in White and many others over the years.


This release in his own band-right has styles of many of the above from Industrial to Metal to Goth, thus proving what a mark he has made to all of these bands mentioned. You'd never realise from this that he used to front the Cock Rockers. Shotgun Messiah as Tim Tim in the late 80's to early 90's since this is way far removed from it altogether.


Throughout the album he deploys a sneery sounding nasally, grating throatal vocals that you'd associate with guys like Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie which is apparent from the opening 'Dirty Horizon'. The ambience and overall vibe puts you on edge with musical arrangements to match with bassy Goth-like sound effects and keyboards too that you'll find notably on songs 'Unspoken' that has a rather flashy guitar solo in there too.


'Terrified' is both tongue-in-cheek humour and truths about dying which works really well emotionally on your mind whilst I can see 'Love Is A Disease' becoming a Gothic dance-floor hit somewhat that gives you images of black-cad females shaking their bodies too.


I can see 'This Is The Way' working for the Metalheads with its brutal riffery and slamming drum-work. 'Kill Yourself' has a spooky orchestralness running through it that suits the scene perfectly as well as those weird creaks that add to the sinister feel too. The aptly positioned closer 'Goodbye' features a guitar solo in there that moulds amazing with the arrangement as do the pumping bass and drums on the abrptly ending track that will take you by surprise – it's almost like you have suddenly slipped off a cliff!


This is a grower of an album that kinda mystifies you at first but gradually eats at your soul and brain, addicting you to its contents.



By Glenn Milligan

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