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Kiss The Gun – We See You

(KTG Records – 2020)

Kiss The Gun - We See You use.jpg

A Salisbury quintet who came to be in 2016 who have a orchestral melodic hard rock sound to them that make me think of a ballsy Vixen or Heart with ELO elements and at times almost ABBA like arrangements but on a way heavy metal kinda scale.


They are made up of Abigail Austin (Lead Vocals); Gerry Hearn (Lead Guitar/Keyboards); Dave South (Bass Guitar/Keyboards); Graham Exton (Rhythm Guitar) and Rob Taylor (Drums)


Standouts include the open voilin-like sounding blaster 'Dreamer'; the classical power ballad-like 'What You've Become' that kinda puts me in mind of a mid 80's Yngwie J. Malmsteen's 'Rising Force' when it comes to the arrangement and some of the bombastic guitar soloing. Then there's the pacey 'n' looking forward positive rocker that is 'Out On My Own'; the beautifully sung 'Emergency' and the closing acrobatic drum filled blaster that is 'Almost Undone'.


A band to definitely keep a close eye on in future months.



By Glenn Milligan

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