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Induction – S/T

(S/R - 2020)

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During The 1980s, the world of heavy metal dominated the airwaves and video waves. This music dictated the way we dressed, the people we sought and what we spent our money on. America and Great Britain dominated much of the music industry; that is until Germany entered the game. The Scorpions were the first to reach mammoth success, not long after bands such as: Helloween, Victory and Bonfire crossed the shores of Deutschland.


So why the music history lesson? That is because in the new millennium Germany is once again a major player in the world of music. The new assemblage of German offerings includes Induction. If you aren’t familiar with them, you should be.


Induction’s self-titled album was officially released on October 18, 2019 and reached number 15 on the German metal chart. With the powerful tool of social media, it has remained a mainstay among rock/metal fans and has resulted in several successful European shows. However, it is only a matter of time before they venture beyond middle Europe to further continents; they are that good.


The well written, impressive debut offers a range of selections encompassing the creative contribution of each band member. The multi-range vocalist Nick Holleman, the brilliant dual guitar work from Martin Beck and Tim Hansen and a strong rhythm section manned by Werner Erkelens and Sean Brandenburg.


The perfect alignment of these gentlemen is apparent from beginning to end. 'Pay The Price' showcases the vocal prowess of Holleman who rivals the likes of Geoff Tate and Tobias Sammet. The raw, heavy edged 'The Outwitted Consecration' and the significant 'At the Bottom' are quintessential power metal with a modern flair. The extraordinary guitar arrangements are reminiscent of the classic 80's harmonic style.


What initially attracted me to Induction was 'Mirror Make Believe (My Enemy)'. From that point I was curious enough to listen to the CD. Mirror Make Believe (My Enemy)', featuring Gamma Ray and Helloween Guitarist, Kai Hansen on vocals, is melodic yet forceful. For many traditional metal fans, witnessing members of a rock family collaborating alongside such talent; resulted in previously, unaware rock fans developing an interest in the band. However, the appeal for me is... the song simply, blew me away.


As for Tim Hansen, he may descend from rock royalty, but he holds his own as an individual and an emerging notable guitarist. In fact, all these young gentlemen are quite impressive as is this album. It would be wise to treat yourself to this debut as you will be hearing a good deal about Induction soon.



By Dawn Belotti

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