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MAGNUSON – Discordia

(Macaroni Penguin Music - 2016)


Not a solo project by some Swedish hard rock luminary, our Magnuson for today are a US husband/wife two piece.


Slightly bending the truth (guitarist Greg's background lies in Sweden), the sound these two - made up by his better half Krysten on drums - is seriously more Seattle then anything stereotypically Nordic. Crashing chords and cruising vocal lines sum up a lot of the nineties noisiest elements across thirteen tracks but then tint them with some terrifying metal shades.


Some numbers seem too ironed into one another by the overlay of industrial distortion, an issue already recently seen with Finnish outfit Mystons but mountainous, melodic choruses such as 'On The Way' are an indication that Greg and Krsyton are ready to kick back through the glass each time. Swapping instrumental duties for five songs across the album, Greg's nasal wail still works each track on its tracks with Krystons harmonies alongside.


Definite potential from a pair whose sound holds the aforementioned flaw or so but a worthwhile experience overall, Magnuson might have something quite big to show us.




By Dave Attrill

Magnuson - Discordia
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