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Tears From Venere – Temporary Lives

(S/R – 2015)



Thramming, punkified rock ‘n’ roll with throaty, bawly vocals from this bunch of Italians.


It’s all very similar style all the way from the opening story about ‘Roulette’ right through to the closing ‘Fame And Glory’ about wanting to Rock and Roll!


In between you’ll find blasters like the power balled ‘Never Look Back’, the seriously topic found in ‘My Name Is V’ and ‘Hey God’ that reminds of latter day Metallica in parts.


Overall it’s okay.




By Glenn Milligan

Tears From Venere, Temporary Lives, Self Released, Italy, Italians, Italian, Metallica, Rock, Metal, Angry sweaty Rock ‘N’ Roll Since 2011
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