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Rocketsmith – Balancing Act (E.P.)

(S/R – 2019)

Rocketsmith - Balancing Act use.jpg

A bright and sparking gang from Pickering, North Yorkshire who rock out in an indie kinda way and personally put me in mind of early Manic Street Preachers with both their vocal and musical styles.


Made up of Hank Bartram (Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/BV's); Andrew Warriner (Lead Vocals/Rhythm and Acoustic Guitar); Anthony Medd (Drums/Percussion/BV's) and Matthew Simpson (Bass Guitar/BV's) who have a definitely happening future ahead of them.


Some hot 'n' cooking nuggets to be found on here with standouts in the opening 'Give Love' with its vocally omittances; the fresh 'n' snazzy 'Real Life'; the positivity and uplifting 'Hope In The Beat' that's got plenty of drums high up in the mix as you'd expect or the lovely but powerful 'Jenny' who has a good voice by all accounts that closes this marvellous CD.


Good stuff!



By Glenn Milligan

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