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Heat – Into The Great Unknown

(ear Music / GAIN – 2017)

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Epic hard melodic rock from that Swedish band of finest quality who take you on a journey of ten songs you definitely need in your ears.


Sky Davis (Dave Dalone) is back in the band who has taken over from Eric Rivers who vanished without trace the bio says. The boys will brighten up your life with such such as the opening 'Bastard Of Society' about doing what you want in life; 'Best Of The Broken' based on a Hunter S. Thomson quote – in this number they show us the negativity of the music biz.


Elsewhere you'll discover 'Blind Leads The Blind' – kinda self-explained really; 'Shit City' about working in a studio that ended up with a major sewage problem and kicked out of a previous one with 1 days notice or 'Do You Want It?' about the sights and sounds in the sex part of Pattaya, Thailand from a walk a Sound Engineer took them on while there – lol.


A brilliant album indeed.




By Glenn Milligan

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