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Doctors Of Madness – Dark Times

(Cherry Bomb Records – 2019)


Proto-Rock Punkers from the 70's who are fronted by a dude who goes by the name of Richard Strange who prove to be an interesting pack with elements of wacked out Roxy Music meets funk, prog and zany pop-rock.


There are some major names featured on this album that include 'Joe Elliot' of Def Leppard , Steve 'Boltz' Bolton who played in The Who in 1989 and Paul Guerin Of The Quireboys. A lot of deep and interesting stuff on here like 'Walk Of Shame' with it's sinister glam-ness; the part spoken-word title-track 'Dark Times'; the mysterious pop-rock of 'Make It Stop' and the twisty-turning riffing of 'This Kind Of Failure' that is very mid 80's in style.


To be honest it's all well-worth checking out since I found it an extremely fascinating listen to say the least. A lot on here to take in and get excited about. Mr. Strange's songs that are influenced by the 'Dark Times' that we now live in that he has never known as bad for us all.


A gem of a listen.



By Glenn Milligan

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