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Collateral – 4 Shots! (E.P.)

(Roulette Media – 2018)

Collateral, Kent, 4 Shots, 2018, EP, CD, Angelo Tristan, Todd Winger, Jack Bentley Smith, Ben Atkinson, Going With The Wind, Midnight Queen, Angels Crying, Just Waiting For You, Roulette Media UK, Ten 21 Studios, Sean Kenny, Noble PR, Peter Noble, Robin Schmitz, Sean de Burca, CollateralRocks

Straight away these guys from Kent who comprise of Angelo Tristan (Guitar/Vocals); Todd Winger (Guitar); Jack Bentley Smith (Bass) and Ben Atkinson (Drums) lay it on the line with a classic full 80's sound a la Def Leppardish with Robin McCauley like thick throaty vocals and that's just the opening number 'Going With The Wind'.


'Midnight Queen' has a fat up-to-date countrified feel to it and would be perfect on American Radio. It features plenty of punching Rock likings as well with the ballad 'Angels Crying' falling in a similar vein but more electro-acoustic flare to it not to mention a hint of slide-work too.


The closer 'Just Waiting For You' wouldn't be out of place on a Leps album either and one of those numbers that will guarantee the ciggy lighter or the latter day phone flame app. in the air during shows. Magnificently sweet guitar soloing to found in there too when it suddenly flips 90 degrees and goes full speed into a shredding dream before going back into the wondrous balladeering to the end.


Impossible not to like and so looking forward to witnessing them live some time in 2019!




By Glenn Milligan

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