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Jedeye – Demo(n)s (E.P.)

(S/R - 2017)

Jedeye - Demons use.jpg

A Hard Rock band from Mainz, Germany who got together in 2013 and deliver us this honest, raw and crunchy album that we can bang our heads to if we like or stomp to.


They consist of Gregor Andreska (Vocals), Kevin Burns (Drums), Thereas Wust & Sabastian Liberka (Guitars) and James Maglo (Bass). It's cheesey but you can't help liking it for songs that have cool titles like 'Monkey Ride'; 'Hey Motherfucker'; 'Pure Evil' or 'Psycho Head'. They have elements of Metallica, NWOBHM plus even a bit of blues and Status Quo in there.


An enjoyable listen.



By Glenn Milligan

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