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The Universe By Ear – S/T

(Czar Of Revelations – 2017)

The universe by ear use.jpg

Bizarre, experimental, dare I say psychedelic avante guarde Prog that reminds me of Soft Machine having a run in with Gong on a bad LSD trip and that's all in the opening 'Seven Pounds' – you can see where this is going right?


Basil, Switzerland is where this trio comprising of Beni Burgin (Drums/Perc./Vocals); Pascal Grunenfelder (Bass/FX/Vocals) & Stefan Strittmatter (Guitar/FX/Vocals) come from who utterly mystisty your ears but completely intrigue you at the same time, especially when they offer up numbers like the bluesy, late Beatley 'Dead End Town'.


Then there's the quirky but brilliant notes in the harmonies of 'High On The Hynek Scale'; the strange and sinister 'Ocean/Clouds/Prism' or the sweet but short 'Dead Again' which closes the album. A baffling band who so need to play HRH Prog in the UK!


Love to see them live.



By Glenn Milligan

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