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Captain Naysayer – S/T (E.P)

(S/R - 2021)

Captain Naysayer - Self Titled EP

Wow this is a cool 70's like band from two B's being Belgium & Brazil that have so much going on, proving you don't have to stick to one genre on your first release – an E.P. in this case


A good few stand-outs included the opener, 'Black Silhouette' that reminds me of Sparks out to do battle with many other hard rock keyboard filled bands of the time with wackiness you'd expect to hear from The Darkness.


'Changes' has a cool southern rock feel to it in a punky new wave kinda way via Rush like vocals with 'Voodoo Lovin' putting me in mind of The Allman Brothers Band with added quirk plus a Spencer Davis and late 60's Quo-ness to it too. Then there's the killer closer that's like a mix of classic Mk II Deep Purple & Uriah Heep meets 'Radar Love' & 'Oh Well Part 1' with a Lep Zep groove thrown in there too.


So looking forward to a full length album if this is anything to go on.



By Glenn Milligan

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