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Dreamwalkers Inc – A Night At The Theatre

(Layered Reality Productions – 2020)

Dreamwalkers Inc - A Night At The Theatr

Caught live at Parktheater in Alphen aan den Rign, South Holland on August 31st, 2019, Dreamwalkers Inc brightly entertain with their mix of Folk, Prog, Thrash, Heavy Metal and more...


The line-up consists of Tom de Wit (Vocals), Lennert Kemper (Guitar/Vocals); Norbert Veenbrink (Guitars), Radina Dimcheva (Vocals); Kenneth Martens (Drums); Vincent Reuling (Synths); Peter den Bakker (Bass) plus guest vocals on Dirge by Cailyn Erlandsson who all produce a magnificent unity of memorable musical moments.


It opens up with the quiet to full-on in-your-face duet that is Chamelion while later you get the tranquil ballad called Dirge' with the marvellous guitar dynamics; 'Aphrodisia' that gets wild, heavily nordic and very tribal while ferocious guitarwork, drumwork and keyboards on an equal level; the epic and lengthly 'The More We Remember' and the great singalong 'Anthem' that has become my favourite song by these the D.I!


The sound mix is pristine with everything standing out incredible so big kudos here to Steven Loos at Eventoo for the location recording; Main Man, Tom De Wit (for Producing & Mixing at Imagineerng Suite) and Rich Hinks for the Mastering.


Have a night to remember when you play this.



By Glenn Milligan

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