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Lola Stonecracker – Doomsday Breakdown

(This Is Core Records – 2015)



An Italian band who are uptempo ‘n’ interesting while modern sounding at times but also having retro 80’s or 90s elements, therefore appealing to a wide spectrum of audiences the world over.


Highlights include the gutsy ‘Generation Surface’; the powerful ‘Perils Of A Man From The Past’; the title-track ‘Doomsday Breakdown’; ‘MC Kenny’s Place’ with it’s deep ballsy riffing and 80’s big backing vocal elements;  the Faith No More meets Bon Jovi’ness of ‘Space Cowboys’ or the Matchbox Twenty’esque ballad ‘All This Time’.


Then there’s a stellar version of The Frankie Goes To Hollywood classic ‘Relax’ and the epic ballad ‘Shine’ that is no doubt incredible live and easily the best song on the album! If you are anything like me, you’ll keep thinking it’s Jon Bon Jovi himself singing for this band too – hopefully in time they’ll have a fanbase just as big.


An outstanding band that you need to hear!




By Glenn Milligan

Loala Stonecracker, Doomsday Breakdown, Italy, Italian, Bon Jovi, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Relax, Faith No More, Matchbox 20, This Is Core Records
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