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Dirty Action- Best Of – Vo1. 1 The Singles Collection

(Red Stone Records – 2016)



A French quartet who came from the remnants of the bands ‘Pink Rose’ and ‘Attentat Rock’ who sound like a more modern day version of The Sweet with some elements of Queen, T-Rex and Slade at times.


This is one big party from start to finish which properly starts ‘’Welcome To The Electric Circus’ with all cool stuff thrown in  like the humourous ‘Porn Revenge’; the beautiful ballad that is ‘It’s Over Now (Song For Ale)’; the cheesey ‘Rock This Place’ and the closing ‘Work Hard’.


Decent enough.




By Glenn Milligan

Dirty Action, Best Of Vol 1 The Singles Collection, French, France, Pink Rose, Attentat Rock, Queen, T-Rex, Slade, Album
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