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Electric Boys/Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters/Doomsday Outlaw -

The Local Authority, Sheffield, Sunday 26th November, 2017


Set List: Fallback/Tale/Over/Pain/All.


Well we walked in and caught the last number of Doomsday Outlaw but what I saw I was impressed regardless after witnessing them at a previous show supporting The Main Grains.















This was a pleasant changed seeing them in here though and the plan is to see them do a full set some time in 2018. Sorry about that guys.


Set List:

Hell Yeah/Bad Habit/Beautiful Noise/Down And Dirty/Hell in High Heels/Legends/Forbidden Hearts/Bitch Bites/Ready To Rock.


I guess it goes without saying that you'd be guessing correct if you thought that the next act was female fronted. Beth has got balls and is a killer guitarist two with a top dollar band who are definitely no carnage to take in. Old school sounding stuff is on the cards here who are like good ole NWOBM with fists in the air and hair throwing around in the set.















They go down pretty good and have some festival experience too. Beth had us shout Rock 'N' Roll to a riff they were playing but I think it would have worked better in the middle of a real song. She made sure to get folk going though as the crowd can be a bit tough and it was a Sunday night after all.















Highlights include 'Down And Dirty'; 'Legends' & the closing 'Ready To Rock'. Great band indeed.


Set List: March Of The Spirits/Groovus Maximus/Knee Deep In You/When Love Explodes/Mary In The Mystery World/Fire In The House/Bed Of Roses/The Sky Is Crying/Tambourine/Tear It Up/Dying To Be Loved/Bad Motherfunker/She's Into Something Heavy.


Encore: Into The Ditch/All Lips 'N' Hips.


What can be said about Electric Boys? Well for one they were absolutely frikkin' faultless and when thy kicked off with their numbers you'd have sworn blind that you were listening to a recording!















Trust me, they are simply that damn good both vocally and in musical ability. The sound mix was absolutely spot on perfect in every possible way – absolute crystal clarity from beginning to end.

They still have the original line up too that comprises of Conny Bloom (Guitar/Vocals); Franco Santunione (Guitar / Backing Vocals); Andy Christell (Bass/Backing Vocals) & Niklas Sigevall (Drums).















This was the 25th Anniversary Tour of the Funk O Metal Carpet Ride' album and we were treated to precisely all of it with highlights of the set being 'Groovus Maximus'; 'Mary In The Mystery World'; 'Motherfunker' and of course that Rock night classic that started it all off for them that is of course 'All Lips 'N' Hips'. It was the last number of the night too in the encore and featured a really long instrumental jam that included a hugely enjoyable section of Status Quo's 'Roll Over Lay Down'.















One of those sets that seemed to fly through in about 25 minutes flat because it was all one big mind-blowing partyville and took us right back to the late 80's/early 90's. Their new material is something rather special too which is not way cliched and proves they can come out with songs that can match material from the heyday!















Funkin' Amazing!



By Glenn Milligan

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