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Ceti – Snakes Of Eden

(Metal Mind Productions - 2016)



Holy F*ck*n’ Sh*t – you’d think this was Iron Maiden – they tick all the boxes right down to the vocal pipes! I do hear some Judas Priest and Dio elements in there too.


Right from opener ‘Edge Of Madness’ right through to ‘Fire & Ice’ it doesn’t let up until you get to ‘Lady From The Dark’ with its atmospheric quiet balladeering opening before it goes into the galloping metal! By far the best song is the title track ‘Snakes Of Eden’ since it ventures away from the more Maidenesque style that fills the majority of it. 


The official closer ‘Break Down The Rules’ would be a perfect hit on a Priest album or solo Halford release either – a fast, driven rocker that gets ya going indeed!


Soaring high and mighty!




By Glenn Milligan

Ceti, Snakes Of Eden, Metal Mind Productions, Poland, CD, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Halford, Metal
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