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AGAINST THE NATURAL - Worn Out Confessions

(S/R - 2016)

Against The Natural - Worn Out Confessions

Against The Natural, while based in Arizona are formed of four lads all from different parts of the US of A (a singer and guitarist from New York, a bassist from California plus a drummer from Massasuchets anyone?).


Formed in the late nineties by Rhode Islanders Cyd Damian and Salieb, Against The Nature's brand of burly hard rock is welcoming both to old school and modern day ear'oles, alike. Growly rhythm guitars that have their fist out ready to hit on numbers such as ''Not Of Yourselves', 'Stains Of Black', 'Vault In The Sky', 'Uninvited' and the high speed 'Define Crazy', are given their studs by singer Salieb's super-versatile bludgeon which goes from creening to screaming and adds a good little Megadeth moment on 'A Crease Of Sunlight' for measure.


Country coated ballads 'Mother's Love' and 'Uninvited' display their other viable talents in the trade with flowing choruses that you don't want to leave behind. Peppered with an nineties edge that is evident on above seventy five percent of the eleven track duration, while accompanied by the aggressive rhythm section of current day sidekicks Steve Peet and Adrian Louder, the sound you hear on this album is very much theirs to call their own.


Naturally fantastic.




By Dave Attrill

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