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King Zebra – Between The Shadows

(Frontiers Music – 2024)

(Style: Rock)

I can’t help but feel that King Zebra are sort of sitting on the fence with this record. Maybe it is that at times they sound a bit Glam Rock at others they are very commercial, but perhaps it is not polished enough to fit into the melodic genre.

It comes across as too nice, it lacks punch when it needs it, the dynamics get mixed out. Whatever my initial gripe it does sound as though the band are having fun, with some catchy choruses throughout. Especially on ‘With You Forever’ a sort of power ballad with the heartfelt line ‘So honey take off your dress, I wanna make you a mess’, though it might be something else entirely. Judging by the album sleeve he could be a vampire or a night stalker, whatever it sounds very much like Ghost.

Throughout the tunes are inherently catchy none more so than, ‘Cyanide’ which compares love to poison. This Zurich based band are described as having a harmonious fusion of youthful exuberance and veteran wisdom, the images of the band reveal that to be true. Eric St Michaels voice is clean and clear, there is also plenty of fretboard frenzy which will appeal to many. ‘Restless Revolution’ has more than a nod to Def Leppard, with a chant along chorus.

‘Wicked’ starts with some searing scorching guitar work, but what follows in the main verses doesn’t quite match the opening, the choruses have more energy and give the song flow, but it is really all about the guitar. The album sleeve depicts a pair of eyes watching everything that moves on the streets below giving you the sense that something wicked may well be going on.

Perhaps they are all ‘Children Of The Night’ which starts with some great drums then amazingly sounds like Joan Jett, with that sleazy feel. In conclusion, ‘Between The Shadows’ is the second release from these Swiss rockers, has some positive moments, but despite giving it plenty of listens I remain rather unconvinced, but my wife loves it.

​​By Paul Mace

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