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The Wildhearts – Diagnosis

(Graphite Records Ltd – 2019)


A blistering E.P. from those now older upstarts of the rock biz who are as rowdy as ever – not that you'd expect anything less from them right.


Some good stuff on this wee 6-track disk that grabs you straight away with the opening title track 'Diagnosis' that is purely anthemic and has the balls of the MC5 as well that gets a pistolzy on us later. You gotta love 'The First Time' about it being just like that or the ballsy follower 'That's My Girl'. Totally cannot get my head around the noise that is entitled 'LOCAC' though.


Although some of the material is so, so good, I feel that the production really lets it down as it's so tinny and mushy without enough warmth to it. A real pity about that.


Not bad but have heard better.



By Glenn Milligan

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