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The Fertility Cult – A Forest Of Kings

(Macaroni Penquin Music – 2016)



Now this is what could happen if the likes of Brian Eno and Nik Turner were let loose in a Stoner Rock outfit… makes you think right? A quintet from Iceland of all places who throw in styles such as Jazz and Metal too.


5 long numbers that clock in altogether in total that are a variety of enchanting, dreamlike, downright weird and sinister but most of all psychedelic meets progressive rock which is what the band are aiming towards from the opening ‘Blood Of Kings’ to the closing ‘Solismaa’ with numbers like ‘City On The Edge Of Forever’ in between.


An album that needs several listens to take in as just one does not really do it full justice.




By Glenn Milligan

The Fertility Cult, A Forest Of Kings
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