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Overclock – S/T

(Jet – 2018)

Overclock - Self Titled USE.jpg

It can hardly be that hard to see how the idea of combining Prog and Alternative is catching on the continent.


German quintet, Overclock give us fourteen finely polished lumps of it on this debut album and most of it shines attractively. Avoiding epic length structures and aiming for a more Seattle shaped take, there is a giveaway that these lads have been around on the scene for some 20 plus years already and are aware of what boils best together in one pot.


Taking a road to avoid the grandiose epic structures that progressive acts are more than often renowned for, Overclock are never overlong. Their angry thought provoking contemporary sound captures all of its implementations into fourteen standard sized brackets with brusque vocals and tight twin guitars that chug, grind and groove.


Not wishing to class them as another lot looking to have fed off the Coheed and Cambria table, these lads have a clean and established formula they have worked on for two decades to keep this sort of sound sliding out pure and smooth.


There is a cloud of saminess that begins to lower by later stages of the album, but if they are capable of further tunes in the likeness of 'I'm The Truth', 'Restless Delusionist', 'Denial', 'Keep It Together', 'New Day', 'Silence' and 'Medicated', I would definitely welcome them back.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nickelback, Puddle Of Mudd, Bush & Soundgarden.

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