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The Almighty – Powertrippin' (Deluxe Edition)

(Polydor Ltd - 1993 / HNE Recordings Ltd / Cherry Red Records - 2021)

The Almighty - Powertrippin,- 2CD Expand

A reissued album as a 2-CD Set from one of Scotland's finest – Glasgow to be exact (with a Northern Irish Frontman) that includes the original 'Powertrippin' album as CD 1 from 1993 and a 2nd CD with live cuts, B-sides, acoustic takes and demo versions.


This is from the period when original co-guitarist, Tantrum left and was replaced by Pete Friesen who was previously with Alice Cooper. He got on so well with them whilst The Almighty toured with Alice and spent tons of time on the bus with them, even suggesting he would love to be a member.


When the time came, Pete jumped at the chance joining Ricky Warwick (Frontman/Guitarist), Floyd London (Bassist) and Stump Munroe (Drummer) for this album, that changed the sound of the band quite a bit since he liked playing in drop down D tuning, that fell in line with the current sound at the time.


Highlights on the initial release include the ballsy opener 'Addiction', the almost 'Don't Fear The Reaper like riffed at times 'Over The Edge'; the pumelling drumming of the thrashingly fast title track 'Powertrippin'; the Southern Rock like 'Out Of Season' that has a Dear Prudence by The Beatles feel to it and the excellent 'Instinct'.


The second CD has some grand material on it such as killer live songs that were tested before the album came out such as the opening 'Takin' Hold'' the grungie 'Addiction' and 'Powertrippin' itself that go over amazing. Love their acoustic cover of Neil Young's 'Rocking In The Free World' and the demo of 'Free N Easy' which shows how it began and then became the classic that we think fondly of today since it's got that cracking riff.


That cover of The Sex Pistols 'Bodies' is a bit of an abortion – no pun intended – hahahaha but other cuts on here totally make up for it like the bluesy harp filled 'Hell To Pay' and closes on a radio edit of the marvellous 'Out Of Season' that grabbed my attention earlier in the full album form.


The liner notes by Malcolm Dome are well worth reading too which talks about what point the band was at before, during and after the album with interview quotes from some of the members as well plus Producer, Mark Dodson giving his ten penneth in.


The overall album set lit my fire to check them out way more than I did the fist time around as they were a really great band that I never took to at the time. I was more of a glam fan back then and they never really got my full attention – how times change!


Power it up as it's a trip!



By Glenn Milligan

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