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Snu-Men – S/T

(SNUdio Records – 2017)

Snu-Men USE.jpg

While Germany is more better known for its contributions to the old school metal corners of the rock n' roll spectrum, it would be cruel to neglect the fact that they've also come up with a few darn decent punk machines in their time as well.


Bavarian foursome Snu:Men came to being as a covers act until seven years ago when they set about penning their own material instead. Two albums and an E.P. into their career it could be said they're not planning on looking back as this second long - player plans to destruct. Dominated by tracks mostly between 1 and 200 miles an hour, this dozen-plus selection does still manage to stay interesting pretty solidly through.


With pace changes and peppery courses that you can easily tell apart, twin guitar treats such as 'Children Today', 'I'm Still Waiting', 'All That Remains', 'Till the End Of Time', 'Only One', 'FOMO', 'Life Is (Not) A Game', 'Phenix' and the solo-friendly 'Noble Punk' possess a lot of the notable elements of 90's favourites such as Green Day, Foo Fighters and Ash and with the hookiness that their esteemed US counterparts long ago credited themselves on. With a very Kroeger vocal from David Speth and some swish snippets of lead, this latest release from these noisy young lads is hopefully not the last by a mile either.


Riveting stuff, as much studio as live, SnuMeN's product is proof that rock still has a hold on the German scene by more than just one set of fingers.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nickelback, Foo Fighters & CIV.

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